The most comprehensive Home Automation Systems on the market

Smart Home Control.

As an approved partner for the Bristol region, Vivid is proud to offer our customers the latest in home automation systems. The Smart Home systems we have available provide customers with a comprehensive home automation setup that incorporates a huge range of features into a single, centrally controlled, user friendly system.

Smart home automation systems
A Home Control system offers a huge range of features, available in packages that can be customised to any requirements.

What Features Does A Home Control Offer?.

Easy Installation

All home automation features can be controlled from the surface-mounted module. With the four key components housed within one central module, installation time is brought down to a minimum. User-friendly software makes for quick and easy programming of the system.

Wall-Mounted Control Panels

Select one or more wall-mounted control panels with printed circuit boards to control the entire system. Programmable touch screens let you customise your control panel, and view up to date consumption information for electricity, gas and water. Stay connected with a smartphone to monitor your home systems, no matter where you are.

Automatic Responses

Automatic safeguards ensure a quick response to any urgent situations, whether or not you’re monitoring your home systems. As soon as fire alarms are activated, lights are switched on and roller blinds activated, for a quick evacuation of the building.

Flexible Lighting Controls

Customise your lighting according to a range of different settings: dimmers, energy saving levels, preset configurations and motion detection allow you to create a lighting system tailored to your personal preferences.

Intuitive HVAC System

Integrate your heating, ventilation and air conditioning to automatically respond to a range of inputs. Fans increase output when kitchen and bathroom systems go into action. Output throughout the system is decreased to energy-efficient levels when the house is empty.

Automatic Blinds and Curtains

Automatically change the amount of light let into the house depending on temperature and sunlight intensity. Blinds will close at night according to preset preferences, whether or not the house is occupied.

Home Safety

Don’t advertise an empty house to burglars. Presence simulation switches lights on and off at intervals, and moves blinds, to give the impression of an occupied home. Motion detectors can activate an indoor siren, while sending an alert to your smartphone.

Access Controls

Monitor your front door, and remotely control who can enter the house, no matter where you are. Video recording allows you to keep an ongoing record of any visitors.

Home Control offers a huge range of features, available in packages that can be customised to any requirements. Whether you’re looking for an automation system for a home or business, Vivid can provide a free consultation and work with you to ensure you get the results you need.

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