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Great Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be a Compromise Between Style and Functionality

It’s easy to forget the pivotal role lighting plays in any interior environment. Many people take it for granted that their choice is between either functional strip lighting, or stylish but expensive lighting systems that take a little more into account. The reality is that it doesn’t take much to set up a lighting system that makes the most out of your space, without breaking the bank. Not only can a properly set up lighting solution make your room look better, it can also play an important role in creating an environment that is comfortable and relaxing, but also functional.

Poor lighting may affect you more than you think

A wide range of studies have already demonstrated the effects that a lack of proper light have on us. Seasonal Affective Disorder causes a large number of people to slide towards depression every Winter, as natural light becomes more and more scarce. And while a well set up lighting system may not be able to mimic the Sun’s light, it can still go a long way towards providing an environment that you find relaxing, rather than dispiriting. And the benefits of proper lighting extend beyond just comfort. Poor lighting can have serious effects on a person’s eyesight over time. The strain of reading or working in a dimly lit room can contribute to a number of eye problems in the long term, and headaches in the short term.

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A great lighting solution can be designed for any situation

The ideal solution is a lighting system that is at once both comfortable and functional. A dynamic approach to lighting can incorporate these features into a single package, allowing you to switch from one to the other depending on your day to day needs. And every environment can benefit from a custom-designed lighting system that takes into account both the space, and its purpose.

Whether you’re looking for lighting for your office, bar, place of worship, or any other kind of setting, Vivid can provide you with a cost-effective solution that will allow you to get the most out of your surroundings. We work with our customers to put together a lighting system that suits any budget and environment.

No matter what your interior, we can help you find a solution that provides the perfect balance between functional and comfortable.

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  1. Although I haven’t got my lighting design services from Vivid Electrics, I totally agree with the thing you wrote about how poor lighting can affect your mood and even cause health issues in the long term. Especially nowadays when we spend so much time indoors, whether that is your own home or the office building you work in, artificial lighting has become more common to our eyes than the natural sunlight. So we have to make sure the lighting design of the rooms is exactly right.

    Good luck and by the way very nice projects you’ve done!

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